General Knowledge Quiz Round 52

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Which toy company takes its name from the Danish phrase for "play well"?



On a standard computer keyboard, which letter is between 'V' and 'N'?



Which race horse owner has won the Grand National on three occasions in 2005 with Hedgehunter, 2011 with Ballabriggs and 2015 with Many Clouds?

Trevor Hemmings


The epitaph of which poet reads "‘Cast a cold Eye / On Life, on Death. / Horseman, pass by"?

W.B. Yeats


Which Mexican spirit is made from Blue Agave?



The French celebrate Bastille Day in which month?



Tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka represents which country?



Which religion has a holy book called the 'Tripitaka'?



Footballer Gareth Barry made his Premier League debut with which club?

Aston Villa


Which member of Led Zepplin was known by the nickname 'Bonzo'?

John Bonham