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Scarlett Johansson starred alongside Rebecca Hall in this tale of 2 friends holidaying in Spain who fall for the same seductive painter. Name the film.

Vicky Christina Barcelona


British actress who starred alongside Tom Cruise in The Edge of Tomorrow and played Queen Victoria in the film The Young Victoria.

Emily Blunt


Kate Winslet starred as Rose DeWitt Bukater in this story of an ill fated voyage. Name the film.



Had a first starring role in The Princess Diaries but found fame alongside Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Name the actress.

Anne Hathaway


Uma Thurman is famous for playing 'The Bride' in this tale of murder and revenge from 2003.

Kill Bill Vol1


Won critical acclaim for her first starring role in The Parent Trap, and later as a teenager in Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan


First found fame in Gossip Girl and married Ryan Reynolds in 2012

Blake Lively


Canadian actress who starred in The Notebook, and The Vow, and more recently as Ani Bezzerides in the TV series True Detective

Rachel McAdams


Prolific American actress, often referred to as 'America's Sweetheart' starred alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

Sandra Bullock


British actress famous as the female star of the Underworld series of films.

Kate Beckinsale