Alliterative Actors and Actresses Quiz (Round 3)

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British comedic actor who was often cast as a moustache twirling villain or first class bounder with a gap toothed grin.
Terry Thomas


Prolific american actress whose best known films are perhaps Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk
Doris Day


American actor who wrote and directed the film The Way and starred in it alongside his father.
Emilio Estevez


French model and actress who married Roger Vadim at the age of 18 and withdrew from the limelight of movies when only 39.
Brigitte Bardot


Actress best known for her roles in As Good as it Gets, and Twister
Helen Hunt


Star of both the Wedding Crashers and the Internship
Vince Vaughn


Her first starring role was in the film Raising Arizona, and she received an academy award for her role in The Piano
Holly Hunter


Played 'Billy the limpet' in the film Mean Machine but is better known for his role in Eastenders
Danny Dyer