Animal World Quiz (Round 9)

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The Gharial is a slow moving reptile of the crocodile family and is native to which part of the world? a) South America b) Australasia c) Indian subcontinent
c) Indian subcontinent


What is the largest predator found on the land in Australia?


In which part of the world would you find Gophers living in the wild?
North America


The Discus is found in the Amazon basin of South America. Is it a) a bird b) a rodent c) a fish
c) a fish


The horns of a goat are made out of what substance?


The Cottontop tamarin is a small species of what type of animal?


The Dodo which became extinct in the 17th century was native to which island?


The Entlebucher mountain dog is native to which mountain region? a) Swiss Alps b) Pyrennees c) Dolomites
a) Swiss Alps