Christmas Quiz (Round 1)

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In which Pacific Ocean island nation is Father Christmas known as santa-san (Mr Santa)?



The Twelve Days of Christmas traditionally finish on which date?

January 5th


St. Stephen’s Day is also know as?

Boxing Day


Between 1996 and 1998, which British girl band celebrated three consecutive UK Christmas number one singles?

Spice Girls


In the song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, how many ladies were dancing?



Who wrote ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’, the famous christmas poem with the opening line ‘Twas the night before Christmas’?

Clement Clark Moore


‘Walking in the Air’ is a song taken from which Christmas film?

The Snowman


Which UK monarch delivered the first Christmas Broadcast to the BBC in 1932?

George V


Christmas fruit cake Stollen is traditionally associated with which country?



On Christmas Day 1950, what did four Scottish students steal from Westminster Abbey?

Stone of Destiny