Coronation Street Quiz of 2019 (Round 1)

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Which character played by Nigel Havers died in Audrey's bedroom holding an engagement ring?

Lewis Archer


A confession from Duncan Radfield allowed the release of which popular character from prison back in January?

Sally Webster


Which character died when the roof of the Underworld factory collapsed, shorly before she was about to marry Kate Connor.



Loan shark Rick Neelan was murdered in 2019 by which resident of the Street?

a) Roy Cropper b) Gary Windass c) Peter Barlow

b) Gary Windass


Which Corrie veteran left the Street for the final time in June 2019 in a taxi with Freda by his side?

Norris Cole


What was the name of Sinead Tinker's husband, who she married in 2019?



Problems with the electrics at the cafe forced Roy to move in with which neighbour in July?



Which character was wrongly accusing of being culpable in the human trafficking storyline in August?