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Adam Sandler saves his grandmother's house in this 1996 comedy

Happy Gilmore


Best known for his portrayal of the nightime superhero with his 'chirpy' sidekick in the 70's spoof action series

Adam West


Moved from Southampton to Liverpool for £25 million in 2014

Adam Lallana


Adam Richman is an author and actor but is best known for his eating challenges in which tv series

Man V. Food


Born Stuart Leslie Goddard he was the lead singer of the band whose first hit album was 'Kings of the Wild Frontier'

Adam Ant


This man was a Founding Father and second president of the USA

John Adams


Starred alongside Emily Blunt in the 2008 comedy drama, Sunshine Cleaning

Amy Adams


Born William James Adams Jr this singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer is better known as



Founding member and lead vocalist of Maroon 5 and currently a coach on the american version of 'The Voice'

Adam Levine


Considered 'the father of modern economics' and author of 'The Wealth of Nations', who was this 18th century moral philosopher

Adam Smith