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All the questions relate to famous people whose first or second name starts with a Q


In what year was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II?


Filmmaker and actor, his eighth and latest film released is The Hateful Eight.
Quentin Tarentino


Nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Chicago, this American singer, songwriter, rapper was born Dana Elaine Owens. What is her stagename?
Queen Latifah


American record producer, musician, television producer, whose career spans six decades. He has a record 79 Grammy Award nominations.
Quincy Jones


Born Denis Charles Pratt, he was an English writer and raconteur best remembered for his work - The Naked Civil Servant.
Quentin Crisp


Born in 1977 and former South African International footballer who played for Athletico Madrid and made 76 appearances for Manchester United.
Quinton Fortune


Born Margaret Denise Quigley, she is an American actress and model. She starred in the title role of the action-thriller series Nikita as well as the TV series Stalker. What is her stagename?
Maggie Q


American singer songwriter, actress, and bass player famous for 48 Crash and Devil Gate Drive.
Suzi Quatro


American vice-president probably better remembered for not being able to spell Potato, rather than any political acheivement.
Dan Quayle


Fred Quimby was an American cartoon producer, he is best known for producing which cartoon series?
Tom and Jerry