A Walk Along Venice Beach (Round 104)

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If you took a walk along Venice Beach, in which city would you be?
Los Angeles


Sir Sandford Fleming came up with a world changing invention when a mistake printed in a timetable caused him to miss his train, this apparently inspired his invention of what?.
Worldwide Standard Time Zones


What part of the eye can be described as the transparent front part that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber


Mediterranean capital whose name is derived from the Greek word for 'Anchor'


Which film of 1995, tells the story of William Wallace.


The adventurer and archeologist Thor Hayerdahl was born in which country?


Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos? a) George Frideric Handel b) Ludwig van Beethoven c) Johann Sebastian Bach
c) Johann Sebastian Bach


David Beckham's son Cruz was born where?
Madrid, Spain


Which planet in our solar system has the most rings?


As of 2016, which nation has been runner-up in the Football World Cup the most times without actually winning it?