Prime Minister George Canning (Round 129)

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The United States have won the most gold medals for swimming at the Olympics, but which country has won the next most?


Roald Amundsen the leader of the first expedition to reach the South Pole, was which nationality?


The Maipo Valley is one of which South American country's most important wine-producing regions


Which actress played Forrest Gump's mother, Mrs Gump?
Sally Field


In Norse mythology who guided the souls of heroes slain in battles to Valhalla
Valkyries (battle maidens)


Geography - where could you find a Moraine?
At the sides or foot of a glacier (it is debris carried by the glacier) 


George Canning is the shortest serving British Prime Minister, he spent only how long in office?

a) 4 days b) 4 weeks c) 4 months
c) 4 months


Which native american, who died 400 years ago, was captured by English settlers, and eventually married an English tobacco planter and moved to England with him?


What breed of dog was Pickles who is famously credited for finding the Jules Rimet Trophy after it was stolen?
A black and white collie


Which fictional character made the french prison Château d'If famous after the character survived 14 years imprisonment before escaping? 
Edmond Dantès (Count of Monte Cristo)