Terry Malloy (Round 165)

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Marlon Brando played the role of fighter Terry Malloy in which 1954 film?
On the Waterfront


What famous building sits on the small tidal island of Bennelong Point?
Sydney Opera House


Which capital city, host to a number of EU institutions, has the river Zenne running through it?


James Backus was famously the voice of which near-sighted cartoon character?
Mr Magoo


What is the boundary between two different types of air masses known as?
A Front


Which reservoir is the largest in England in terms of area?
Rutland Water


What is a traditional gift for a couple celebrating a 15 year marriage anniversary?


The composer and songwriter Irving Berlin, was born in which country?


The study of the heart is known as what?


Carbon Dioxide in a solid form is known as what?
Dry Ice