The Five Great Lakes of the USA (Round 214)

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US sprinter Jim Hines was the first man to achieve which world renowned athletic feat?

First man to run 100m under 10 seconds


Which in 1994 film does Jim Carrey attempt to rescue the Miami Dolpins’ mascot?

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective


Which British architect born in 1806 is best known for the original Thames Tunnel and the Clifton and Hungerford Suspension Bridges?

a) Robert Stephenson b) Isambard Kingdom Brunel c) William Henry Barlow

b) Isambard Kingdom Brunel


In a car, what does ABS stand for?

Anti-lock Breaking System


Which ‘I’ is a internet image sharing app purchased by Facebook in April 2012?



Lib Dem politician Paddy Ashdown was born in which country?

a) England b) India c) Canada

b) India


‘HOMES’ is a mnemonic for recalling the Five Great Lakes of the USA. Which lake does the ’S’ represent?



Yerevan is the capital city of which eastern European country?



Which BBC television and radio presenter wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Call the Midlife’?

Chris Evans


Triton is the largest of the satellites orbiting which of the traditional solar system planets?

a) Mars b) Saturn c) Neptune

c) Neptune