At My Mother’s Knee (Round 217)

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Which ‘B’ is a wooden hat worn over the head and neck that takes its’ name from a Black Sea port?



In which decade did Roger Bannister run the world’s first recorded four minute mile?

a) 1940s b) 1950s c) 1960s

b) 1950s


Alan Shepard was which country’s first astronaut to visit space in 1961?

a) Australia b) Great Britain c) USA

c) USA


Which movement did Sir Robert Baden-Powell create in 1907?

Boy Scout movement


Astana is the capital city of which Eastern European country?



Which national park became Britain’s first in 1951?

a) Cairngorms b) Peak District c) South Downs

b) Peak District


Which British television presenter and comedian wrote an autobiography entitled ‘At My Mother’s Knee’?

Paul O’Grady


Which is the longer mountain range; The Rockies (Western USA) or Atlas Mountains (North Africa)?

The Rockies


At an airport, what does ATC stand for?

Air Traffic Control


Born in 1632, which British architect designed London’s St Paul’s cathedral following the Great Fire of London?

a) Inigo Jones b) Nicholas Hawksmoor c) Sir Christopher Wren

c) Sir Christopher Wren