Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Round 22)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport serves which American city?



Which former England cricketer played 11 games of football for Scunthorpe United between 1980 and 1985?

Ian Botham


Which letter represents the number 100 in Roman numerals?



Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley, is a mountain in which country?

United States of America


What is the name of the freeware web browser developed by Google?

Google Chrome


Noordeinde Palace is one of three official residences of which European royal family?

The Netherlands


Which British monarch was also known as the Hammer of the Scots?

Edward I


As of 2020, who is the highest scoring Frenchman in the English Premier League?

Thierry Henry


Which British actor played Finn in the 2019 blockbuster Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

John Boyega


The MetroCentre is a large shopping centre in which northern England town?