Prospero, Miranda and Antonio (Round 240)

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Prospero, Miranda and Antonio are well known characters in which Shakespeare play?

The Tempest


Which member of the British royal family was born at Buckingham Palace on 14th November 1948?

Prince Charles


In 2016, Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers to collect which US sporting trophy?

The Super Bowl


Which team won football's first Premier League trophy in 1993?

Manchester United


Wayne and Waynetta Slob were characters from which British comedy show?

The Harry Enfield Show


Which chocolate bar helps you 'Work, Rest and Play?

Mars Bar


FRA is the airport code for which German airport?



In US politics, the Republican party are known as the GOP. What does it stand for?

Grand Old Party


Montgomery is the capital city of which US state?



What colour is 'cobalt'?