Here's Looking at You Kid (Round 243)

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A 'motte-and-bailey' refers to a type of which structure?



Keira Knightley portrays Cecilia Tallis in which 2007 film also starring James McAvoy?



Which 'LC' is the heroine of the video game Tomb Raider?

Lara Croft


True or false; before becoming an actor Michael Caine was a fish porter at Billingsgate market?



'Here's looking at you kid' is a line used four times in which film starring Humphrey Bogart?



True or false; Boris Johnson's first name is actually Rupert

False: it's Alexander


Which 'KM' wrote the Communist Manifest with Friedrich Engels in 1848?

Karl Marx


What were the first names of 'The Kray Twins'?

Reggie and Ronnie


Kiki Haakonson of Sweden was the first winner of which female international beauty pageant in 1951?

Miss World


Which type of food would you associate with the Manchester/Salford town of 'Eccles'?