Scotland's Longest River (Round 4)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.

At 119 miles long, what is the name of Scotland's longest river?

River Tay


The Bolshoi Ballet is based in which city?



Charleroi is a city in which northern European county?



Sharon Osbourne, wife of aging rocker Ozzy, was a judge on which British TV music program?



In a game of cricket, how many runs are awarded for hitting the ball over the boundary rope without it bouncing?

Six runs


Which 'O' is the name of the branch of medicine that focuses on eyesight?



Which silent film starring Jean Dujardin won the Best Film Oscar in 2011?

The Artist


William Shakespeare was born in which English market town?



The Baggies is the nickname of which English football club?

West Bromwich Albion


Prior to join the Euro and taking it's name from the Greek verb 'to grasp', what was the former currency of Greece?