Headlining the Pyramid Stage (Round 40)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.



Spanish company Lladro is a well-known maker of which ceramic material used to create vases or other objects of art?



In Britain, a 'Smoggie' is a resident of which city?



Which is the only British county with two coastlines?



In the Mr. Men series, what colour is Mr. Tickle?



Which Simpsons character has the catchphrase 'haw haw!'?

Nelson Mutz


Which title is given to the wife of a Duke?



Which US baned headlined the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night at Glastonbury 2019?

The Killers


Which UK TV soap was created by Kevin Laffan in 1972?



Donna Sheridan, Sophie and Sam Carmichael are characters from which well-known West End musical which also enjoy movie success?

Mamma Mia


'If It Bleeds' is a 2020 collection of novellas by which US horror author?

Steven King