Last Bus to Woodstock (Round 79)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


The British Queen, Catriona and Maris Piper are all types of what?



Who became Mayor of London on May 4th 2000?

a) Boris Johnson b) Ken Livingstone c) John McDonnell

b) Ken Livingstone


Which biblical character is sometimes referred to as Old Nick?

a) The Devil b) Jacob c) John the Baptist

a) The Devil


Who wrote the 1998 book 'About a Boy'?

Nick Hornby


Which England goalkeeper made his senior debut against Trinidad & Tobago on 1st June 2008?

a) Ben Foster b) Rob Green c) Joe Hart

c) Joe Hart


In which decade did Roald Dahl publish his book The BFG?

a) 1960s b) 1970s c) 1980s

c) 1980s


Which British war battle took place first chronologically?

a) Battle of Waterloo b) Rorke's Drift c) Gallipoli

a) Battle of Waterloo


Which fictional British detective created by Colin Dexter made his first appearance in 'Last Bus to Woodstock' in 1975 and his final appearance in 'The Remorseful Day' in 1999?

Inspector Morse


Which of the following buildings is the highest?

a) The Shard, London b) OKO Tower, Moscow c) Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt

b) OKO Tower, Moscow


Which Labour MP briefly served as leader of the party following the death of John Smith in 1994?

a) Harriet Harman b) Jack Straw c) Margaret Beckett

c) Margaret Beckett