The Oscars 2016 Quiz Round

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This actor has finally won the Best Actor category after numerous previous nominations.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Brie Larson won the Leading Actress award. Which picture did she star in?



The best Actor in a Supporting Role was in the film Bridge of Spies. What was his name?

Mark Rylance


The film The Danish Girl provided the winner of the Actress in a Supporting Role. Name her.

Alicia Vikander


This person won his third Oscar in a row for Cinematography, this time for the film The Revenant. Name him?

Emmanuel Lubezki


The Hateful Eight won the Oscar for its original score. Which prolific film composer, well remembered for the "spaghetti" westerns he scored, won?

Ennio Morricone


The Best Picture category was won by a film documenting the systematic abuse of children in Boston and its coverup, and the Boston Globe's journalists who exposed it. Name the film.



The 2016 Awards were boycotted by a number of Hollywood figures. Why?

They were protesting at the lack of ethnic diversity in this years nominees


Which comedian hosted the awards?

Chris Rock


Although not winning the Best Picture category, this film received most nominations for all categories with 12. Name it.

The Revenant