Quick Fire Questions (Round 10)

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Published: 16th January 2021


Author: Adam 

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These questions can be used in general knowledge quizzes or in Chase-style cash-builder rounds.


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As always, we suggest giving each player one minute and keeping track of their total!




'Pyotr Ilyich' were the first names of which Russian composer?



The rivers Clyde, Dee, Liffey and Mersey all flow into which sea?

Irish Sea


Katrina and the Waves were the last UK winners of which song competition?

Eurovision Song Contest


Which British airline founded in Jersey ceased operations in 2020?



‘AJ’ is the nickname of which British boxer?

Anthony Joshua


The tyrannical Miss Agatha Trunchbull is a teacher in which Roald Dahl novel?



Which TV game show presenter is known for the phrase "The Chase is on!"?

Bradley Walsh


Which word is spelled out in 45ft high letters on the side of Mount Lee in California?



Duque, Marqués, Conde and Vizconde are noble titles in which European country?



Stadia is the plural of which word where sports fixtures are played?



The bible story of Noah’s Ark is found in the Book of Genesis. In which testament of the Holy Bible would you find the Book of Genesis?

Old Testament


The Will Ferrell film Holmes & Watson is a parody of classic mysteries featuring which fictional detective?

Sherlock Holmes


Who played children’s author Beatrix Potter in the 2006 biopic Miss Potter?

Renee Zellweger


‘Je suis désolé’ means ‘I am sorry’ in which language?



Which member of the Beatles was raised by his Aunt Mimi at 251 Menlove Avenue in Liverpool?

John Lennon


Which Caribbean country’s flag consists of a yellow cross on a black and green background?



Which Yorkshire city was given the nickname ‘Wool City’ during the Industrial Revolution?



Founded in 1958 by Sam Alper and known for their Olympic Breakfasts, which UK chain of roadside restaurants finally closed its doors in October 2018?

Little Chef


Donkey, Lord Farquaad and Pinocchio are all characters in which animated film franchise?



What was significant about the 7pm kick off between Newcastle United and Portsmouth on 22nd February 1956?

First ever league football match played under floodlights