Scotland Quiz Round 1

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The Battle of Stirling took place in which year?



Andy Murray, double Wimbledon Singles Champion was born in which year?



At which battle did Robert the Bruce and his army defeat Edward II?



Which declaration proclaimed Scotland's status as an independant sovereign state?

Declaration of Arbroath


Annie Lennox achieved major success as a solo artist, but in which band did she start her career?

The Tourists


Who was the only surviving legitimate child of King James V and took the throne aged just six days old?

Mary, Queen of Scots 


Which battle took place in 1746 which saw The Jacobites defeated by the Hanoverian army?

The Battle of Culloden


Which famous labour politician was once the lead singer in a rock band called the Ugly Rumors?

Tony Blair


A 'Munro' is a Scottish mountain above which height?

3,000 feet


The author Robert Louis Stevenson was born in which city?