September News Quiz (Round 2)

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Which actor, born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964 celebrated his 53rd birthday this week?

a) Keanu Reeves b) Mark Wahlberg c) Laurence Fishburne

a) Keanu Reeves


Which food columnist replaced Mary Berry as a judge in The Great British Bake Off?

Prue Leith


Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev has been confirmed as the next opponent for which British champion at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff?

Anthony Joshua


A man from Ruthin is lucky to be alive after swimming across which dam on the Colorado river?

Hoover Dam


In order to avoid knocking cyclists off when opening a car door the government is urging drivers and passengers to use the 'Dutch reach' method. What is that?

Opening the door with the hand furthest from it thus helping a person to look behind as they twist across.


Sir Peter Hall has died aged 86. Which theatrical company was he the founder of?

Royal Shakespeare Company


The government is proposing a by-pass and tunnel to avoid the bottleneck on the A303 past which historic site?



Who became the first Premier league manager casualty this week when he was sacked as Crystal Palace manager?

Frank de Boer