St Patrick's Day Quiz Questions (Round 1)

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What nationality was St Patrick?
British (Roman British)


What is a Shamrock?
A young sprig of clover


Why has the 3 leafed clover been adopted as a symbol of Christianity and worn on St Patrick's day?
St Patrick used a clover as a metaphor to explain the Holy Trinity.


How did St Patrick first arrive in Ireland?
He was kidnapped from the British mainland.


There is a long tradition of parades on St Patrick's Day. Where did the tradition begin.


In what century did St Patrick's Day become an official public holiday in Ireland?
20th (1903)


How old was Patrick when he first arrived in Ireland?


Why is St Patrick's Day held on the 17th March?
It is the traditional anniversary of his death in 461


What has become a tradition of the Chicago St Patrick's Day Parade?
They turn the Chicago river green using a large quantity of vegetable dye.


What is widely regarded as being the traditional food for St Patrick's day?
Corned beef and cabbage