Stranger Things Quiz Round 1

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What is the name of Joyce Byers' ex-husband, father of Will and Jonathan Byers?
a) Lonnie b) Donny c) Johnny

a) Lonnie


Which table top role playing game were the children playing when Mike's mum Karen said they all needed to go home, leading to Will's disappearance?

Dungeons and Dragons


What is the name of the fictional town where the show is set? a) Kittitas b) Hoh c) Hawkins

c) Hawkins


Which Clash song is played multiple times during the show, as it is said to be one of Will's favourites?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Which character memorably shouts "Mike! I found the chocolate pudding!"?



In episode three of season one, Eleven is switching TV channels and a commercial for which product triggers a flashback to Hawkins Laboratory where she is forced to use her telekenesis abilities?



Which character memorably said "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."?

Police Chief Hopper


During episode one of season one, which TV show is playing whilst Mike's father attempts to fix the TV aerial?

Knight Rider


A poster for which 1982 horror movie hangs in the Wheeler's basement?

The Thing


In episode one of season one, Joyce surprises Will with tickets to see which a 1982 horror film?