Westerns Quiz Round 1

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The 1936 western 'The Singing Cowboy' starred which actor?
Gene Autry


John Wayne had already made numerous films but his breakthrough role was as 'Ringo Kid' in which film?


John Wayne received his only Oscar for playing which role?
Rooster Cogburn


On his wedding day, lawman Will Kane is told that a man he sent to prison years before is returning exact his revenge. 1952 film starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly.
High Noon


Widely considered to be the greatest novel of the Western genre 'Riders of the Purple Sage was written by which author?
Zane Grey


Clint Eastwood had his breakthrough role in the TV series Rawhide playing which character?
Rowdy Yates


The 'Spaghetti' westerns of the 1960's in which Clint Eastwood had a leading role were directed by whom?
Sergio Leone


In the long-running TV series The Lone Ranger, the role of Tonto was played by who?
Jay Silverheels


Dennis Weaver who is perhaps best remembered for playing the role of McCloud also had a long standing role in the TV series Gunsmoke, playing which character?


Which location, found in a Navajo tribal park on the border of Utah and Arizona, has formed the backdrop to many Western themed films?
Monument Valley