1980s Music Quiz (Round 1)

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In which year Cyndi Lauper have a hit with 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'?

a) 1983 b) 1985 c) 1987

a) 1983


Which Sting song contains the lyric: "Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace /I dream at night I can only see your face"?

Every Breath You Take


Who had a 1984 hit with 'I Want to Know What Love Is'?



'With or Without You' appeared on which U2 album?

a) The Joshua Tree b) The Unforgettable Fire c) Rattle and Hum

a) The Joshua Tree


Which Michael Jackson single begins: "They told him don't you ever come around here / Don't want to see your face, you better disappear"?

Beat It


In which year did Lionel Ritchie release the single 'All Night Long (All Night)'?

a) 1981 b) 1983 c) 1985

b) 1983


Which American hip hop duo had a 1986 hit with 'Push It'?



Which 1986 The Bangles hit did music producer Liam Sternberg write after seeing passengers on a ferry stumping around awkwardly?

Walk Like An Egyptian


Cliff Richard topped the 1988 Christmas charts with which single?

Mistletoe and Wine


Which The Smiths album contains the singles "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side", "Bigmouth Strikes Again" and "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"?

The Queen Is Dead