General Knowledge Quiz Round 46

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Dave Prentis is the current general secretary of which British trade union?



The car manufacturer Peugeot is based in which country?



The Highbury Stadium is home to which Lancashire-based football team?

Fleetwood Town


What I've Been Looking For is a 2006 song from which musical film?

High School Musical


'I want that one' is a catchphrase most commonly associated with which British comedy series?

Little Britain


House music originated from which North American city in the early 1980s?



Which is the only US state with a motto in Spanish?

Montana (Oro y plata)


Which is the highest ranking order of chivalry in the British Empire? OBE or CBE?



What does the 'L' stand for in Samuel L Jackson?



Which actor played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series?

Rupert Grint