What Next Quiz (Round 1)

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What / Who is next in the following lists?


Beatles hits.

Love me do. Please, please me.  From me to you.

She loves you.


British Monarchs

Victoria. Edward VII. George V

Edward VIII.


Wars and Conflicts involving the British Army.

Brunei Revolt. Indonesia- Malaysia Confrontation. Dhofar Rebellion.

Aiden Emergency.


Harry Potter books.

The Philosopher’s Stone. The Chambers of Secrets. The Prisoner of Azkaban

The Goblet of Fire.


Dr. Who.

Patrick Troughton. John Pertwee. Tom Baker.

Peter Davison.


Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champions.

Becker. Edberg. Stich.



Leaders of the Soviet Union.

Brezhnev. Andropov. Chernenko.



M6 northbound motorway services.

Forton.  Burton-in-Kendal. Tebay.