90s Music Quiz Round 2

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Telephone help lines were required for distraught fans when Take That announced they were splitting up for the first time in which year?



Which Celine Dion song begins: "Don't think I can't feel there's something wrong"?

Think Twice


In 1990 the England football team collaborated with New Order to release which UK chart topping song?
World in Motion


Who were the first group to have their first six singles all reach number one?

a) Take That b) Boyzone c) Spice Girls

c) Spice Girls


Who was "Livin' La Vida Loca" in 1999?

Ricky Martin


What was the name of Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown's 1998 debut solo single?

a) My Star b) In the Year 2525 c) Golden Gaze

a) My Star


Coolio had a 1995 hit with which single? 

a) Country Line b) Gangsta's Paradise c) I Like Girls

b) Gangsta's Paradise


What was the name of Oasis' debut album?

Definitely Maybe


Which Australian pop star had a 1996 hit with 'Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit'?

a) Gina G b) Natalie Imbruglia c) Kylie Minogue

a) Gina G


Which of the following was a 1998 All Saints single?

a) Stop Me b) My Boy c) Bootie Call

c) Bootie Call