90s Music Quiz Round 3

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The biggest selling single of 1992, Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' was taken from the soundtrack of which film starring Houston and Kevin Costner?

The Bodyguard


The Spice Girls picked up a Christmas number one in 1996 with which single?

a) 2 Become 1 b) Wannabe c) Say You'll Be There

a) 2 Become 1


Cleo, Zainam and Yonah made up which 1998 girl group from Manchester?



Boyzone released a cover of which Billy Ocean single for Comic Relief 1999?

When The Going Gets Tough


A cover of which Lou Reed song was released as the Children in Need single for 1997?

a) Satellite of Love b) Vicious c) Perfect Day

c) Perfect Day


What was the name of the Danish singer who reached number one in 1994 with 'Saturday Night'?

a) Corona b) Whigfield c) Ann Lee

b) Whigfield


Jay Kay was a the lead singer of which British funk band who released Deeper Underground in 1998?



Which Freddie Mercury track was remixed and released in 1993 to become the first remix of a previously charted single to top the charts?

a) Made in Heaven b) Mr Bad Guy c) Living on My Own

c) Living on My Own


What was the name of the model that David Bowie married in 1992?

a) Angie b) Zahra c) Iman

c) Iman


What was the name of Take That's third studio album featuring singles 'Sure', 'Back for Good' and 'Never Forget'?

a) Take That and Party b) Nobody Else c) The Greatest Day

b) Nobody Else