90s Music Quiz Round 4

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In which year did Jarvis Cocker disrupt Michael Jackson's performance at the BRIT Awards?



Which traditional American folk song did Swedish dance group Rednex cover in 1995?

a) Cotton Eye Joe b) Grey Goose c) Home on the Range

a) Cotton Eye Joe


In 1998, who became the second youngest female ever to top the singles chart with 'Because We Want To'?

Billie Piper


Boyzone's 1994 single 'Love Me For a Reason' was a cover of which American family group?

The Osmonds


Which was the first Spice Girls single to fail to reach number one spot in the UK singles chart?

a) Wannabe b) Stop c) Say You'll Be There

b) Stop


Which Boyzone member had a solo number one with this debut single "When You Say Nothing At All"?

Ronan Keating


In which year did Oasis play two homecoming concerts at Manchester City's Maine Road stadium?



Complete the title of this massively successful song released by Meat Loaf in 1993: I'd Do Anything For Love...

(But I Won't Do That)


Which group had a 1991 number one with 'Sadeness Part 1', a track strongly influenced by new age culture?

a) The Clash b) Enya c) Enigma

c) Enigma


In which year was Mr Blobby Christmas number one?

a) 1991 b) 1993 c) 1995

b) 1993