90s Music Quiz Round 5

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What was the real name of the Spice Girl known as 'Ginger Spice'?

Geri Helliwell


In how many countries did the Spice Girls Wannabe single reach number one?

a) 21 b) 26 c) 31

c) 31


In which year did The Fugees release their second and final album 'The Score'?

a) 1992 b) 1994 c) 1996

c) 1996


Which group released the single 'Barbie Girl' in 1997?

a) Aqua b) Vengaboys c) Eiffel 65

a) Aqua


Which The Verve song was the lead track for the film Cruel Intentions starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe?

Bitter Sweet Symphony


"Keep on Movin'" was a 1999 single from which boyband?

a) 5ive b) BB Mak c) A1

a) 5ive


Which member of The Rolling Stones announced he was leaving the group in 1992?

a) Bill Wyman b) Ian Stewart c) Charlie Watts

a) Bill Wyman


Which Simply Red album became the second biggest selling album of the entire decade following its release in 1991?

a) Fairground b) Stars c) Picture Book

b) Star


Kylie Minogue topped the UK Singles Chart in 1990 with a cover of which Little Anthony & the Imperials song?

a) My Way b) Travelling Stranger c) Tears on My Pillow

c) Tears on My Pillow


In which year did The Simpsons reached number one in the UK Singles Chart with Bart's single 'Do The Bartman'?

a) 1990 b) 1991 c) 1992

b) 1991