90s Music Quiz Round 6

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Which All Saints hit released in November 1997 eventually reached the number one spot in January 1998?

a) I Know Where It's At b) Never Ever c) Under the Bridge

b) Never Ever


Which Spice Girls video saw the group appear animated as fairies because of their on-going tour of America?

a) Spice Up Your Life b) Mama c) Viva Forever

c) Viva Forever


Which actress left Eastenders to launch a solo career with "Perfect Moment" in 1999?

Martine McCutcheon


'Save Tonight' was the title of a one-hit wonder from which singer in 1997?

Eagle-Eye Cherry


"I've Been Expecting You" was the second solo album from which former Take That member?

Robbie Williams


With which song did Prince score his only UK number one?

a) The Most Beautiful Girl in the World b) 1999 c) When Doves Cry

a) The Most Beautiful Girl in the World


The Clash had to wait until which year to reach their first UK number one single when their track 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' finally reached number one following it's usage on a Levi's advert?

a) 1990 b) 1991 c) 1992

b) 1991


On leaving the Spice Girls, Mel B teamed up with Missy Elliott to top the single chart with which track?

a) I Want You Back b) Tell Me c) Feels So Good

a) I Want You Back


Deep Blue Something had a 1995 hit with which track which takes it's name from an Audrey Hepburn film?

Breakfast at Tiffany's


The Labour Party used with D:Ream track as a soundtrack to the 1997 General Election?

a) 4 Things 2 Come b) U R the Best Thing c) Things Can Only Get Better

c) Things Can Only Get Better