The Romford Pele (Round 56)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Which former Arsenal and England footballer was known as 'The Romford Pele'?

Ray Parlour


Michael Bluth, Gob Bluth and Tobias Fünke are characters in which American TV series centred around a dysfunctional family?

Arrested Development


One is a British director who won an Academy Award for 12 Years a Slave, the other is a US actor who starred in many films including Bullitt? They share a name. What is it?

Steve McQueen


Which English Rugby Union side play their home games at Twickenham Stoop?



Which flag carrying airline was originally known as 'Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services'?



Rachel Watson is the central character of which British psycholgical thriller written by Paula Hawkins and a film starring Emily Blunt?

The Girl on the Train


The College Dropout was an iconic 2004 album from which US hip hop recording artist?

Kanye West


Which dinosaur name translates into English as 'Quick Thief'?



Written between 1827 and 1846, Nocturnes is a composition by which Polish composer?

Frederic Chopin


Cetaphobia is the name for the fear of which collection of large marine mammals?