The Rockafeller Skank (Round 179)

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Sir Bruce Forsyth presented the BBC's pro-celebrity dance competition 'Strictly Come Dancing' with which female presenter between 2004 and 2013?

Tess Daly


Which US president was born in Lamar, Missouri in 1884 and served as the 33rd President, succeeding Eisenhower in 1945?

Harry S. Truman


Which 'O' is a small oval fruit with a hard stone which also gives it's name to a greyish-green colour?



Which English DJ had chart success with The Rockafeller Skank in 1998?

Fatboy Slim


Ryan Gosling played a jazz pianist opposite Emma Stone in which 2016 American musical romantic comedy?

La La Land


There are two £60 locations on a standard UK Monopoly board. One is 'Old Kent Road', which is the second?

Whitechapel Road


Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper played bikers in which 1960s American film drama?

Easy Rider


Which 'C' is a metal commonly used for electrical wiring?



Which Canadian singer had a 2015 hit with 'What Do You Mean?'

Justin Bieber


As of February 2018, only two players have scored 200 Premier League goals. One is Alan Shearer, who is the second?

a) Thierry Henry b) Andrew Cole c) Wayne Rooney

c) Wayne Rooney