Buzz Aldrin's Birth Name (Round 155)

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What was astronaut Buzz Aldrin's birth name?

a) Edwin b) Eric c) Ernest

a) Edwin


Back Bay, Fenway Kenmore and Mission Hill are neighbourhoods in which north eastern US city?

Boston, MA


Which land mammals have the longest tail?



Which planet in our solar system is the eighth and furthest known planet from the sun?



What colour is the 'L' in the Google logo?



Which stadium in the UK has the highest capacity? Twickenham or Old Trafford?

Twickenham (82,000 vs 75,731)


Which 2015 Pixar animiated movie is set in the mind of a young girl called Riley Andersen?

Inside Out


Which British monarch caused controversy by marrying American Wallis Simpson in 1937?

Edward VIII


Tiffi, Mr. Toffee, Mr. Yeti and Odus the Owl are all characters in which popular mobile game series?

Candy Crush


Which 'C' is an official count or survey, often of a population?