Chardonnay, Malaga and Merlot (Round 215)

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The Nutshell pub in Bury St. Edmunds holds which distinction?

Smallest pub in Britain


Born in 1839, which ‘PC’ was a French Post-Impressionist artist who married Hortense Fiquet in 1886? His works include ‘The Bather’ and ‘The Lake at Annecy’.

Paul Cezanne


Who played boxer Muhammed Ali in the 2001 biopic ‘Ali’?

Will Smith


On the road, ANPR might automatically detect and read your what?

Number plate


Which athlete won gold in both the Men’s 100m and 200m sprint events at the 2016 Olympic Games?

Usain Bolt


What did Ralph Scheider invent in 1950?

a) Credit Card b) Mobile Phone c) Electric Battery

a) Credit Card


Chardonnay, Malaga and Merlot are all types of which fruit?



The name for which foodstuff was coined by John Montagu, born 1718, who demanded easy to consume food so as not to interfere with his gambling?

Sandwich (He was the 4th Earl of Sandwich)


Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic are all types of what?



Baku is the capital city of which eastern European country?