Cornetto Trilogy Quiz (Round 1)

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If Shaun of the Dead is strawberry flavoured and Hot Fuzz is original blue flavoured, which flavour is The World's End?



What is the name of the town where the 'Golden Mile' pub crawl is located in The World's End?

Newton Haven


Which actor plays Declan, a Met Police Sergeant and Oliver Chamberlain?

Martin Freeman


What is the name of Shaun's girlfriend in Shaun of the Dead?



Tim Messenger aka Adam Buxton writes for which newspaper in Hot Fuzz?

The Sandford Citizen


Paddy Considine appears in both Hot Fuzz and The World's End. What is his character's name in the latter?



True or false: the first record thrown in the Zombies and records scene of Shaun of the Dead is Dire Straits?

False, Blue Monday


As mentioned by Shaun, who said "The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation."?

Bertrand Russell