Quick Fire Questions (Round 5)

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Published: 30th October 2020


Author: Adam

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These questions can be used in general knowledge quizzes or in Chase-style cash-builder rounds.


We suggest giving each player sixty seconds on the clock and seeing how many questions they can get right in that time!



The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards are more commonly referred to by which acronym?



Talisker Skye is a brand of which distilled spirit?

Scotch Whisky


Actors Gerard Butler and Chris Hemsworth have both appeared in advertisements for which aftershave brand?

Hugo Boss


Spice Girl Victoria Adams married which English footballer in 1999?

David Beckham


Prior to Andy Murray's win in 2013, who was the last male British player to win the Wimbledon tennis tournament?

Fred Perry


The 'Jurassic Coast' on the south coast of England stretches about 95 miles from Deven to which other county beginning with D?



The Book of Zephaniah is in which testament of the Holy Bible?

Old testament


Big Ben is found at the north end of which London palace?

Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament


Which major planet of the Solar System is furthest from Earth?



In the United States, the National Broadcasting Company is better known by which abbreviation?



The village of Coton in the Elms in Derbyshire makes a claim to be the place in the UK furthest from what?

The sea


Which Jennifer Gray film opens with the line 'It was the summer of 1963, when everybody called me Baby and it didn't occur to me to mind.'?

Dirty Dancing


Which British/Canadian boxer held the World Heavyweight Boxing title on three occasions between 1992 and 2004?

Lennox Lewis


Which British Prime Minister was born in Manhattan, New York in 1964?

Boris Johnson


The 'Ruy Lopez' and the 'Italian Game' are common openings in which board game?



In Spanish, what type of shop is a 'Carnicería'?



Louis XVI was the last monarch of which country?