Quick Fire Questions (Round 4)

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These questions are perfect for Chase-style cash-builder rounds but will work equally well as part of a family quiz.


We suggest giving each player sixty seconds on the clock and seeing how many questions they can get right in that time!


This quiz was written by Adam on 17th October 2020




At the Mano del Desierto statue in Atacama, Chile which human body part can be seen protruding from the sand?

A hand


Which northern English football club has a mascot called Monty Magpie?

Newcastle United


The Woolpack pub in Esholt, Shipley is regularly seen in which television soap?



Which Scottish cyclist was knighted by the Queen in 2009?

Sir Chris Hoy


'Go Fish' or 'Happy Families' is a game using what type of playing materials?

Playing Cards


'The Lady of Shalott' is a famous painting by which artist?

John William Waterhouse


How many oxygen atoms are found in a Carbon Dioxide chemical compound?



The music documentary 'Made of Stone' centres on which Mancunian band?

The Stone Roses


In the style of beer known as IPA, what does the I stand for?



A raging bull features on the emblem of which luxury Italian car brand?



In the British idiom, actions speak louder than what?



A drumming Gorilla playing 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins advertised which chocolate brand in 2007?



Which US president holds the record for longest term of office?

Franklin D. Roosevelt


In protective equipment, HazMat is an abbreviation of which two words?

Hazardous materials


A typical symphony orchestra consists of four groups of related musical instruments. Woodwind is one, name any of the other three.

Brass, percussion or strings


Who won the 2003 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Ruby Thewes in the film Cold Mountain?

Renée Zellweger


'Behind the Mask' is a sporting autobiography from which notorious boxer?

Tyson Fury


'I'll buy you a diamond ring my friend / If it makes you feel alright' is a line from which Beatles hit?

Can't Buy Me Love


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