Quick Fire Questions (Round 3)

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'The Killing Moon' was a 1984 single by which post-punk group from Liverpool?

Echo & the Bunnymen


Which has the largest diameter: the Earth or the Sun?

The Sun


What was the ring name of American actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson?

The Rock


Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati are major cities in which US state?



In fashion, which 'B' is a style of cut which is squarish or chunky in style or appearance?



IndiGo is the largest airline in which country in terms of passengers carried?



Brothers Danny and Richard McNamara formed which West Yorkshire rock band in 1990?



Which US film maker won the Academy Award for 'Best Director' for the films 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Schindler's List'?

Steven Spielberg


Which planet is the largest in the Solar System?



Which of the well-known television presenter duo Ant & Dec is the oldest?



What was the nationality of the two botanists who first described the disease that devastated Elm trees throughout Europe and North American in the second half of the 20th century?



As of December 2016, which 'JM' is the oldest living former British Prime Minister?

John Major


'People Will Say We're In Love' is a show tune taken from which Rogers and Hammerstein musical?



Often abbreviated to 'PI', what is the name for a person who can by hired to carry out covert investigations on behalf of clients?

Private Investigator


Who was President of the United States for the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969?

Richard Nixon


True or false: the first written reference to the card game Blackjack is found in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

False (it was in Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote)


Dan Castellaneta is an American voice actor best known for which fictional character?

Homer Simpson


Along with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, who was only the third player in golf history to win three majors by age 25?

Rory McIlroy


Which US actor played soldier John Rambo in the Rambo film series?

Sylvester Stallone


Which English installation artist won the 2016 Turner Prize?

Helen Marten