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Which English Football League club who play their home games at Gigg Lane are known as the Shakers?



In which city was Usain Bolt competing when he broke the Mens 100m World Record in August 2009?

a) New York b) Berlin c) Lausanne

b) Berlin


Barry Bonds led a controversial career as an exceptional hitter in which sport?



Which female British swimmer won two gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games with wins in the 400m and 800m freestyle?

Rebecca Adlington


If you're at the Gabba watching Michael Clarke in the slips, what sport would you expect to be watching?



In snooker, how many points are awarded for potting the yellow ball?



In golf, which type of club would you use if you wanted to hit the ball a long way?

a) Wedge b) Putter c) Wood

c) Wood


As of 2016, German Jurgen Schult holds the world record in which Athletics throwing event?



Which nation is the most successful in Badminton history having won the Thomas Cup nine times?

a) United States b) China c) Japan

b) China


'The Toon Army' are supporters of which English football club?

Newcastle United