Arnold Schwarzenegger Films (Round 1)

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Which 1990 film sees Arnold play both Douglas Quaid and his alter-ego Carl Hauser in a sci-fi thriller about espionage on Mars?

Total Recall


In the 1994 action comedy True Lies, Arnold stars as Harry Tasker. Which US actress plays his wife Helen?

Jamie Lee Curtis


Arnold goes undercover to catch Cullen Crisp as Detective John Kimble in which 1990 comedy?

Kindergarden Cop


In which all star action film franchise does Arnold play mercenary Trench Mauser?

The Expendables


Which supervillain did Arnold play in the 1997 Batman & Robin movie?

a) Mr Freeze b) Killer Croc c) Black Mask

a) Mr Freeze


In which 1985 film does Arnold star as retired United States Special Forces Colonel John Matrix?