Brighton Rock (Round 167)

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In what year was Justin Bieber born?

a) 1990 b) 1992 c) 1994
c) 1994


What physically separates Tasmania from the Australian mainland?

a) Bass Strait b) Tasmania Strait c) Beagle Channel
Bass Strait


What weapon would you associate with Damocles?


What is Bath Blue?

a) a gemstone b) a cheese c) a colour
b) a cheese


What is Edelweiss?
A white mountain flower


What is the ceremonial dagger worn as part of the traditional Scottish dress known as?

a) Kirk b) Greimire c) Skean-dhu
c) Skean-dhu


Panorama is the world’s longest-running current affairs TV show, but in what decade was it first broadcast?  
1950s (1953)


The airport in Springfield Illinois is named after which American president?
Abraham Lincoln


Arriana Huffington, who started the news platform 'The Huffington Post' was born in which mediteranean country?


Who wrote the novel Brighton Rock?
Graham Greene