Spooky Halloween Quiz (Round 2)

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Name either of the two Pokemon characters that resemble pumpkins?

Gourgeist or Pumpkaboo


Residents of New Hampshire set a new world record for most carved and lit pumpkins - how many did they light simultaneously?

a) 3,029 b) 15,832 c) 30,128

c) 30,128


In the Agatha Christie murder mystery Hallowe'en Party, a girl suffers an unfortunate death at the hands of which Halloween related activity?

She drowned whilst bobbing for apples


Guy Fawkes was at the centre of which plot to assassinate King James I of England in 1605?

Gunpowder Plot


What is the name of the Irish bread often eaten at Halloween which is yeasted with added sultanas and raisins?



Who sang the 1962 song 'Monster Mash'?

Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers


What is the common name of what the Scottish call 'neeps' which are often used to replace Pumpkins for carving?



What did the Scottish Witchcraft Act of 1735 forbid the consumption of?

a) Sausage Rolls b) Pumpkins c) Treacle Toffee

a) Sausage Rolls


Which actress played Debbie Jellinsky in Addams Family Values?

Joan Cusack


Which film sees a troubled teen wake one night to be led outside by a figure in a rabbit costume who says his name is Frank?

Donnie Darko