Spooky Halloween Quiz (Round 3)

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True or false; in 2014 a French town banned anyone over the age of 12 from wearing a clown costume or makeup on Halloween?



On Halloween, if a black cat crosses your path, what will you receive?

Bad luck


Approximately how many years old is the festival of Halloween?

a) 1000 b) 6000 c) 12000

b) 6000


According to ancient myth, on Halloween, if you put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards, what will you see?

A witch


True or false; it is illegal to dress up as a witch on Halloween in the US state of Alabama?

False; though it is illegal to dress up as a priest


The word 'witch' comes from an old English word meaning...

a) Wise Woman b) Scary Features c) Pointy Nose

a) Wise Woman


True or false; Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween?

True; Samhaim is the old Gaelic name for Halloween