Quick Fire Questions (Round 9)

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Published: 25th November 2020


Author: Adam 

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As always, we suggest giving each player one minute and keeping track of their total!




Which human organ helps the body digest food?



In the children’s fairytale, what type of animal accompanies Dick Whittington?

A Cat


Ippon, Dojo and Nage are common terms in which Olympic martial art?



Which actor played Richard "Richie" Richard in the 1990s television series ‘Bottom’?

Rik Mayall


Sacramento is the capital of which US state?



Annie Potts voiced which Toy Story 4 character who appears as a love interest for Sheriff Woody?

Bo Peep


What was the name of Microsoft’s digital encyclopedia, primarily available on CD-ROMs?



Which male Italian fashion designer is credited with pioneering red-carpet fashion?

Giorgio Armani


With which English county would you associate Cheddar cheese?



In which European city would you find Dam Square?



Which British politician is known as ‘BoJo’?

Boris Johnson


Which English entertainer holds the record for winning the most BRIT Awards - having won 13 as a solo artist and five with a band.

Robbie Williams


Which Scottish cities would be first in a list alphabetically?



Chris Moyles presented which BBC Radio One show for eight years between 2004 and 2012?

The Breakfast Show


The cartoon character Bart Simpson is usually seen in a t-shirt of which colour?



How many Dalmatian dogs featured in the 1961 animated film?



Alopecia is a term for the loss of which protein filament which grows from the human head?



Which girl’s name originated in the Latin word for Olive tree?



Which is the largest country which is entirely in the Earth’s southern hemisphere?



Schnozz, honker and beak are all nicknames for which body part?