Impressionism Quiz Round 1

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The term 'Impressionism' and the Impressionists movement is taken from the title of a piece of work by which French painter?

a) Claude Monet b) Edouard Manet c) Camille Pissarro

a) Claude Monet


During which decade did the Impressionists movement first come to prominence?

a) 1870s b) 1890s c) 1910s

a) 1870s


Which French art critic coined the term 'Impressionists' in the newspaper Le Charivari?

a) Emile Faguet b) Francois Mauriac c) Louis Leroy

c) Louis Leroy


The 1870 piece 'View of the Saint-Martin Canal' today displayed at the Musee d'Orsay is a composition from which painter?

a) Henri Matisse b) Alfred Sisley c) John Constable

b) Alfred Sisley


Many Impressionists were said to have painted 'en plein air' - how does that French term translate to English?

a) In open air b) Full of energy c) Under the influence

a) In open air


Today housed at the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Scene d'ete is an oil on canvas piece from which Impressionist?

a) Georges Seurat b) Frederic Bazille c) Mary Cassatt

b) Frederic Bazille


Which of the following was a leading figure in the British Impressionist movement with his landscapes and seascapes?

a) Phillip Wilson Steer b) John Martin c) Francis Bacon

a) Phillip Wilson Steer


The piece 'After the Bath, Woman drying herself' was a composition from which French impressionist?

a) Edgar Degas b) Picasso c) Andre Derain

a) Edgar Degas