Get George Clooney to Play Me (Round 102)

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Robert Stephen Rintoul founded which politics and culture magazine in 1828?

The Spectator


Which county cricket team play at Sophia Gardens?

Glamorgan CCC


Mr. Smiley's drive-thru fast food restaurant is found in which film starring Kevin Spacey?

American Beauty


Is an Impala an antelope, a cat or a dog?



Yellowstone National Park is primarily in which US state?

a) Washington b) Kansas c) Wyoming

c) Wyoming


The mayor of which city may call Archibald Grace Mansion their official residence?

a) London b) New York c) Los Angeles

b) New York


Kyle Reese is a fictional character from which film franchise?



Who said: "If they made a film of my life, I think they should get George Clooney to play me. He's a fantastic actor and my wife thinks he would be ideal."

a) Jurgen Klopp b) Jose Mourinho c) Ian Holloway

b) Jose Mourinho


Which rugby union man who played and coached the British and Irish Lions was awarded a knighthood in the 2010 New Years Honours List?

Sir Ian McGeechan


Which Dutch painter painted the 'Prodigal Son in the Brothel' self-portrait?